Wednesday, December 19, 2007

machdb-0.5.1 released

I put out a new version tonight of the code and a slightly updated XML spec. The following bugs and issues have been addressed:
  • Filesystem and disks have had the limit raised from 2TB to 16 zettabytes.
  • OS Name limit now 100 characters
  • Added Base Architecuture to host node
  • Added Unified Cache to CPU node
  • Split up 'version' and 'release' into 2 different fields for packages. 'release' is optional input
  • Various UI bug fixes
  • Renamed files, added contrib directory, in an attempt to standardize
To update your DB scheme, please run the following:
mysql -u mysqluser -p mysqldatabse < update_0.5.0-0.5.1.sql
To update the data in your tables and your schema at the same time:
php update_0.5.0-0.5.1.php
This will update your packages table to include release information. If you don't want this, comment it out. If you do, you'll want to check your gathering scripts to make sure they also sent the release information properly.

I also added some contributed gathering script files. We now have them for PPC Linux, Sparc Solaris and Debian i386. Thanks to Chris and Kyrre for those contributions!

Hej just installed Machdb by following the fc6 instructions on the WIKI. On a Scientific Linux 5.x x86_64 machine.

The gather-centos4-i386 works great even ocn Scientific Linux 64

but I found and corected a bug

on line 554 in the collect.php
I found a bug
it should be

query_db("INSERT INTO pkg (`id`,`name`,`arch`,`version`,`release`) VALUES (NULL,'$name','$arch','$version', '". ($release ? $release : NULL) ."' )");

For the mysql query to work.

Where is the right place to report this?
Thanks Haggan. You can post bugs in our repository at Sourceforge:

Bugs here:

I'll check this out, it's probably an easy fix. Thanks again. Glad you're using it!
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