Friday, January 23, 2009

Lot of interest lately

I've been seeing a lot of interest in the project lately. I hear there was discussion of MachDB on a Ruby mailing list. That's great! I have had a lot of work and side projects over the last year that have taken me away from development on MachDB, but I want to assure the user community that it's not forgotten. I've had a number of good bug fixes submitted by users, and a few awesome contribs by a few people (thanks Andreas!). SVN and RedMine are getting set up now and all these patches will be rolled in.

Short term road map:
  • SVN
  • RedMine
  • Mailing List
  • Bug Fixes
  • A few new Self-Checks for the host scripts
  • Some of Andreas's Changes

  • Tags
  • Custom XML

Long Term:
  • Web Services API
  • CLI Client

Any questions, just hit me up. Thanks everyone for the support and the nice emails.

I am using MachDB and I like it.

I have made several fixes/customizations and can submit patches if desired.

There have been at least two forks- maybe partially because there is no 'official' repository or tracker:
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